Select live footage from keynote and breakout presentation videos were captured at the conference and have been produced into viewable videos, hosted on For downloadable presentation slides, see Presentations page.

On the one year anniversary of the conference closing, password restrictions were removed from all videos. They are now all visible to the public.


**Update** Main plenary video links have been fixed. The remaining video links will be fixed as soon as possible.


Keynote: Building Resilience for Future Emergencies – Satyamoorthy Kabilan, Conference Board of Canada. [Video]

Keynote: Event Attribution – The Emerging Science of Attributing Causes to Extreme Events. Francis Zwiers, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium. [Video]

Keynote: Perspectives from Wilderness. Carol Miller, USDA Forest Service, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute. [Video] – edited

Special Session: 2016 Horse River Wildfire in Alberta, Canada

  • Why some homes survived: learning from the Fort McMurray wildfire disaster. Alan Westhaver, ForestWise Environmental Consulting, Ltd. [Video]
  • Contributing Environmental Conditions I – Cordy Tymstra, Alberta Environment [Video] – incomplete
  • Contributing Environmental Conditions II – Mike Flannigan, University of Alberta [Video]


Breakout: Remote monitoring cameras offer a force multiplier advantage in wildland fire management. Andrew Low, BC Wildfire Service. [Video]

Breakout: Parattack – The evolution of smoke jumping in the BCWS. Thomas Reinboldt, BC Wildfire Service. [Video]

Breakout: BC Wildfire Service chainsaw program. Chris Spronken, BC Wildfire Service. [Video]

Breakout: Development, maintenance and evolution of the Waskesiu community fuelbreak, Prince Albert Nat. Park. Dean Macdonald, Parks Canada. [Video]

Breakout: Fuel moisture changes from a sprinkler watering treatment in interior Alaska boreal forest. Devon Barnes, BC Wildfire Service and University of Alberta. [Video]

Breakout: Fuel management database. Rex Hsieh, FP Innovations. [Video]