Wildland Fire Canada 2016: Building Resilience


The conference program is designed around four main themes, all related to the overall conference theme of building resilience:

1. Anticipating change

Scenarios, monitoring, risk assessment and prediction tools in a changing fire environment 

  • Climate change and extreme events
  • Increasing fire complexity
  • Fire behaviour, danger and risk assessment


2. Designing resilient fire management systems

Strategies, tactics and practices to cope with increasing fire complexity and extreme events 

  • Prevention outreach and communication
  • Decision support systems
  • Human factors: safety, wellness, recruitment, decision making
  • New technologies


3. Defining and managing resilient landscapes

Understanding and shaping  landscapes to facilitate successful fire management outcomes

  • Fuel and land management planning and economics
  • Incorporating fire effects and fire regimes into land management
  • Case studies of successful implementation


4. Planning smarter, safer, resilient communities

Strategies and best practices to create more fire resilient communities 

  • Community planning and policy
  • Public education and engagement
  • Emergency operations response


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