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Environment Innovation Management Communities Landscapes

Evaluation of the Canadian Precipitation Analysis to Improve Forest Fire Danger Rating in Ontario.

Chelene Hanes, Can  For Serv

Mathematical Modelling: Fire Blow-Up.

Carla Fransico, Laval Univ

Integrating Fire Risk Assessment into Strategic And Operational Planning Examples From Type 4 and Integrated Silviculture Strategies.

Bryce Bancroft, Symetree Cons

Design of a Problem-Bassed Learning Case Series on Community Resilience.

Jane Vaccaro, Univ Washington.[PDF]

Three Centures of Fire at Vaseux Lake.

Lori Daniels, UBC.

Cross-Border Mapping of Fuel Products for the LANDFIRE and Canadian Fire Programs.

Kurtis Nelson, US Geological Survey

Supporting Aerial Fire Operations with Analytics in Ontario.

Colin McFayden, OMNR [PDF]

Decision Support for Daily Preparedness Planning Without Pre-determined Fire Management Zones.

Colin McFayden, OMNR [PDF]

Understanding Social Interactions in Wildland Fire Management or a More Resilient Social-Ecological System.

Noemie Gonzalez Bautista, Laval Univ. [PDF]

Dendrochronological Investigations of the Fire History in the Sinclair Restoration Area, Kootenay National Park, BC.

Kiera Smith, Univ Victoria. [PDF]

Modelling High Risk Fuels in Alberta.

Ginny Marshall, Univ Alberta

Daily Lightning- and Person-Caused Prediction Models Used in Ontario. Colin McFayden, On Min Nat Res  [PDF]

Fueling the Debate: Mule Deer Winter Range Management Effects on Wildfire Hazard and Risk.

Marc Antoine Leclerc, UBC

Assessing Wildfire Impacts in a Municipal Water Supply Catchment.

Nicholas Hebda, UBC Okanagan [PDF]

Charcoal Stimulates Ectomycorrhizal Association with Pine.

Michelle Mausolf, Univ Alberta

Using Burn-P3 to Model Wildfire Probability and Aid in the Management of Northern Boreal Forests in the Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory

Derek Hall, UNBC [PDF]

Predicting the Unpredictable: Progress and Challenges in Predicting Severe Fire Occurrence in Canada.

Khurram Nadeem, Can For Serv [PDF]

How to Degrade Our Dry Forests: High-Grade Then Suppress All Fires for a Century.

Gregory Greene, UBC.

Recent Fire History in the Okanagan of British Columbia.

Dana Hicks, BC Wildfire Service

Hydraulic Propererties of Burned and Unburned Forest Soils in the Interior of British Columbia.

David Scott, UBC Okanagan

Canadian Bluesky “Playground” Smoke Simulator Live Demonstration.

Kerry Anderson, Can For Serv