Congratulations to the WFC2016 award winners!

The 2016 J.G. Wright Award for outstanding contributions to wildland fire research was awarded to (tie)

Marty Alexander and

Peter Kourtz

Marty Alexander (centre) flanked by Dana Hicks (L) and Steve Taylor (R)

View Dr. Alexander’s acceptance speech.


Peter Kourtz accepting his award.


The 2016 H.W. Beall Award for outstanding contributions to innovation in wildfire management was awarded to

Peter Fuglem

The Canadian wildland fire community was heartbroken to hear of Peter’s sudden passing in summer 2019.



The inaugural CIFFC Operational Award was awarded to

Brian Simpson


The inaugural WFC Student Ignition Award was awarded to

Rachel Reimer for her presentation titled The fire within: gender and leadership in wildland fire.

Rachel Reimer with WFC2016 co-chair Kendrick Brown


We sincerely thank our winners for their efforts and contributions and hope they enjoyed the awards presentations at WFC2016.


Two career-achievement awards will be awarded at Wildland Fire Canada 2016: the J.G. Wright award, and the H.W. Beall award.

The Wright Award recognizes excellence in wildland fire research, and its significant contribution to the advancement of wildfire management in Canada.

This biennial award is named after James G. Wright who established a fire research program within the Dominion Forest Service (now the Canadian Forest Service) in 1925. His early fire-hazard research at the Petawawa Forest Experiment Station laid the foundation for the development of the current Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (CFFDRS).

Criteria for the Wright award will be as follows:

  • Sustained and excellent research contributions to wildland fire science; for example, scientific journal publications and books/book chapters, and peer scientist recommendations;
  • Innovative solutions to improve wildland fire challenges; for instance, providing leadership for national programs and international influence; and
  • Effective and appropriate communication of wildland fire science and research results; for example, conference and technology transfer publications and science management outreach activities such as symposiums and workshops.


The Beall Award recognizes excellence in fostering and supporting wildland fire research, and adopting the results and tools to advance operational fire management in Canada. This biennial award is established to acknowledge the outstanding application of fire science and technology within the fire management community in Canada.

This award is named after Herb W. Beall who was hired by James Wright in 1928 as a summer student to install duff hygrometers at the Petawawa Forest Experiment Station. Beall developed a strong relationship with the provincial and territorial fire management agencies, and understood their needs and priorities. On December 3, 2000, Beall received the Officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of his distinguished career with the Canadian Forest Service.

Criteria for the Beall award are as follows:

  • Fostering and supporting wildland fire research initiatives and programs, for example, by providing funding and field support;
  • Adopting science-based knowledge and solutions and improvements, for example, by creating partnerships to share resources and information; and
  • Advancing fire management principles and practices, for example, through the development and implementation of policies, practices and standard operating procedures which support and advance fire management initiatives.


*New* – Wildland Fire Canada 2016 Student Ignition Award

We are pleased to announce a new award that will be judged and awarded at the conference. The WFC2016 Student Ignition Award will be presented to the best overall student presentation (oral or poster) at the conference. Please be sure that student presenters are indicated when abstracts are submitted.